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JEDEC Starts A New Generation DDR4 RAM

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Ever wonder when there will be the next generation of RAM,one that includes more speed,faster than the current DDR2 and DDR3,well PC and hardware enthusiast will get their wish. JEDEC a company known for developing microelectronics,this week announced the Synchronous DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) standard. The new DDR4 standard will offer up some new improved features,for starters it will offer up more speed in a variety of applications that will include servers,laptops and of course desktop systems.The new DDR4 standard from JEDEC will have a per pin data rate at 1.6 giga transfers per second with an initial maximum objective of 3.2 giga transfers per second,this exceeds the current DDR 3 standard that comes out at  a default 1.6 GT/s. The speeds will begin at 2133MHz (that's roughly 2.1GHz),which is a significant boost from the current DDR3 memory.Speed is not he only unique thing about the new DDR4 standard,the RAM will perform at a low power state thanks in part to the new  Pseudo Open Drain Interface technology.


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