Maingear Releases A New Alpha 24 All In One PC

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The year 2012 saw an influx of ultra-books being released to the market,but quietly many PC manufactures were releasing their version of the all-in-one PC,which clearly means the iMacs aren't the only players in town in the all-in-one computer market.The latest all-in-one PC that is generating a buzz is Maingear's new Alpha 24. Maingear is no stranger to the PC enthusiast,they are known for manufacturing some pretty cool high end gaming machines.Can the Maingear Alpha 24 all-in-one PC live up to its high end gaming systems,lets take a quick look at the hardware specs.

The Alpha 2 comes stock with an Intel Core i3-3240 CPU with 8GB of DDR-1333 RAM,an Nvidia GeFoce GTX, a standard DVD drive ( No Blu-ray), a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.The price point of the Alpha 24 starts out at $1,349.Of course like many of Maingears computers you have the option to upgrade your hardware specs,you can option an Intel Core i7-3770k processor,increase your RAM capacity to 16GB. Instead of going with the going with the current default hard drive you have the option to 256GB Crucial M4 SSD storage drive or if you want super extra storage capacity you can dawn your system with a  3TB hard drive.You can even boost your Internet connection with an added Bigfoot Killer wireless technology. Not satisfied with the current video card,switch from the GeForce GTX 650 to the GTX 680.

The display to the Alpha 24 comes at an 1920 x 1080 resolution glossy touchscreen,the operating system is pretty standard like most manufactured built systems,it comes loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.If you feel the need to get your hands on this all-in-one system you'er in luck,the New Alpha 24 is now available on Maingear's website.