The 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum,A DDR3 Memory That Glows

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Just about every piece of hardware in the computer today has some form of LED glow nowadays,power supplies,keyboards,graphic cards,cooling fans,the latest piece of hardware to get the LED treatment is the Corsair Dominator Platinum edition.The fancy LED strip on the RAM does not tell the whole story,this is memory that beasts,its a 16GB  dual channel configuration for starters with 1333MHz clock speed.The biggest feature on this RAM is its patented DHX (Dual-Path Heat Exchange) cooling technology.This technology allows system builders to overclock the RAM without suffering in performance.This RAM is not cheap,you'll have to drop $359 if you want to place this memory stick into your system,rather expensive especially when you can get quality RAM cheap today for $50.But if you looking to fancy up your custom build with quality with LED lights then why not drop cash on this memory stick. [youtube]