The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 TI:

File-It-Under: Low cost graphic cards!~By: D.F.Skinner

This has been a big year for NVIDIA,they have released a barrage of graphic cards to market.In the past couple of months alone leading into this week,NVIDIA have constantly unveiled a series of GeForce GTX 600 graphic cards.In mid-August NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 660 Ti and then a month later they followed up with the GeForce GTX 660 and GeForce GTX 650.Now this month, NVIDIA introduces a new graphic card to market,the GeForce GTX 650 Ti. Unlike the GeForce GTX 650, the new GeForce GTX 650 Ti isn't powered by the same graphic processor even though they use the same technology.The GeForce GTX 650 has the GK107 GPU under the hood,while the GeForce GTX 650 Ti uses the GK 106.The difference between two processors is the 650 Ti has more GPU power than the 650.


Lets get technical here and get a detail look at the graphic processor in whole,within the high level block of the GK 106 GPU,the GeForce GTX 650 Ti it has a manufactured TSMC 28nm process node that has approximately 2.54B transistors.It comes fully configured with three Graphic Processing Cluters,with three SMX's and a total of 960 CUDA cores that is within 5 SMXs. However,with the current GeForce GTX 650 Ti one of the SMXs is completely disabled,which in turn lowers the active CUDA cores to 768.

Now that we've looked at the processor in detail,let us observe the basic hardware specs of the GeForce GTX 650Ti,it comes fully loaded with a Base clock at 925 MHz,a memory clock (the data rate) 5400 MHz,a 1024 or 2048 MB of total memory,a 128 bit memory interface,L2 cache size at 256KB,it has 2 dual-link DVI and 1 mini HDMI connector ports,a dual slot form factor and finally to power up the graphic card you'll need to connect your power supply to a 6-pin power connector.The recommended power supply is 400 watts according to NVIDA,but to be on the safe side,I recommend using a 600 watts power supply.

Since the GeForce GTX 650 Ti is technically not a high end graphic card the price point is fairly cheap at $149 ( some hardware vendors have it priced at $154).If you're looking to get the same common  gaming resolution at 1920 x 1080 without sacrificing the large sum of cash then this is the graphic card to purchase.The GeForce GTX 650 Ti is currently available on several hardware vendors websites ready for purchase.



Credit Source and Image; Hothardware,PC Perspective