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How To Setup OpenDNS on your Home Network For A Fast Internet Experience

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So whats  is this DNS thing anayway

Before we go into "How to setup OpenDNS,we must first know what is an actual DNS and,what is OpenDNS and how can it benefit you when you use it on your home or business network.First off,what is  DNS? A DNS is acronym for Domain Name System,how it works is simple,follow me closely.The Domain Name System is a database system that translate your computer's full domain name into an actual IP address (IP stands for Internet Protocol).Computers on a network uses a IP address to connect to each other,sort of like how we use phone numbers to connect to each other via the telephone.Unlike a telephone number,an IP address can be a bit difficult to memorize,for an example,www.apple.com is a lot easier to remember right? Suppose domain names never existed and we had to rely on memorizing IP addresses,then www.apple.com would  look like this . The domain name is converted to numbers so that the computer user can understand the website you're looking for. DNS allows computer users to connect to one another on a network or a remote service by using a much easier domain name rather than using a numbered IP address.I can dedicate an entire blog entry on the inner workings and science behind The Domain Name System,but lets fast forward to OpenDNS,what is it,and how to set it up on your network.

OpenDNS the features

OpenDNS is a pretty basic service yet very effective,its a DNS resolution service that extends added features such as phishing protection and domain blocking.What OpebDNS offers is an alternate to using Internet service providers DNS servers.Let us look at the features in detail shall we,besides having a phishing filter,OpenDNS block domain's and typo correction. OpenDNS has the ability to maintain a list of malicious site and completely block access to those particular sites.Aside from all the added features that's within OpenDNS it also adds speed to your web experience by about 15-20 % ( at least from my web experience) .



OpenDNS the setup

You would think using OpenDNS  would require you to have a great deal of knowledge in networking technology,believe it or not,you can have limited knowledge in computer networking and still run OpenDNS on your home or business network.Setting up OpenDNS is fairly easy and straight forward,the insane thing about it all you don't have to download any software.Simply head over to OpenDNS website and just sign up for the service,you have the option in using the free service or use the paid premium service which comes with more features,most people like myself opt for the free version.

Assuming that you signed up for OpenDNS stay on the page and begin your setup.You can setup  for your "Home" network or "Business" network,go right ahead and click on the home button.Once you're on the Home Solutions page you have two options,you can choose to make your Internet faster or setup parental controls(Parental control gives you the powers and ability to block kids viewership  certain websites).Since I wanted to make my Internet faster,lets go right ahead and choose that option,click the "Get Started" button.This will take you to another page,go over to the right hand corner of the page you'll see a list of two IP addresses,under the IP addresses click "Get Started" .

From there you are ready to change your DNS,you have three options to change your DNS,computer,Router and finally DNS Server.Since most computer user have routers in the household,lets choose the router option.There you'll see a list of routers,pick and choose the router you have in your home,for me have a Linksys router so I chose Linksys,this will take you to another page where you will see a list of all of the Linksys models that's on the market,from there pick and choose your Linksys model.For me I'm currently using the old but reliable WRT54G Linksys wireless router.This will take your "Change Settings" page,enter in your routers password( most people don't use a password they'll use the default password instead which is "admin"),click the "OK' button.This will take you to your 'Basic Setup" page,scroll down to where it say "Network Setup",right there where it say Network Address (Server Settings DHCP) go down to Static DNS 1 and 2.On those two lines that is  where you are going to enter in a new IP address that's given to you by OpenDNS which is for the first line,then for the second line type in, click save settings,that's it your all done,well sort of,there is two more things you have to do to make things go into effect immediately.

You must now clear your Internet cache,first off let us clear the web browsers Internet cache,since I'm on Google Chrome we'll use that as an example.Go to Google Chromes tools and then click on clear browsing data,this will clear out your cookies,cache and browsing history.Now head over to your start menu and type in "CMD" this will take you into your command prompt.Type in the following line "ipconfig/flushdns" and then press enter,that's it,your all done,you are already to browse the Internet in a rapid fire fashion.

The beauty of  OpenDNS you don't have to be a networking guru to use this service,nor do you have to download any third party software.Go ahead give OpenDNS a try,you'll notice a big difference in your web experience.



The advantages of using OpenDNS

The biggest advantages of using OpenDNS unlike the DNS server that's providedto you from your ISP (Internet Service Provider),OpenDNS servers stores the IP address of million of websites in a cache so less time is needed to send a request.If for an example you ask for an IP address of a website that has been previously requested from another OpenDNS user,you would instantly get a reply.Another advantage in using OpenDNS it adds security to your web browsing,OpenDNS has the ability to block phishing websites from loading onto your computer.It uses data feature that is call Phishtank,a feature that is also used by Yahoo email service. Phishtank can determine if a website is taking part of any type of online phishing scam.If you'er a parent and is concern about kids visiting adult websites (porn that is),you can configure OpenDNS to block any adult website from loading on that particular computer.

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