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Microsoft Rolls Out The New Xbox Live Dashboard Today October 16

File-It-Under: Gaming console updates!~ By: D.F.Skinner

Today October 16th Microsoft is set to update the Xbox live dashboard,if you'er long time Xbox 360 owner like myself you know updates to the Xbox Live dashboard happens every year in October.Usually there is almost always a complete overhaul to the dashboard.Well guess what,the Xbox live dashboard is about to get a complete overhaul again with this new update.The new update not only comes with a boat load of features,but it will also go through a cosmetic change that will take on a Windows 8 interface.Lets take a close look at some of the new features that will be included in the new update.

Xbox Live New Features

  • Internet Explorer for Xbox. We will bring the web browser to your TV with navigation supported by Kinect voice, Xbox SmartGlass and the Xbox 360 controller. We have also added autocomplete functionality to the address bar, making it easier than ever to get to the websites you love.
  • Genre search will be an added option for voice search so you'll be able to search by genres such as comedy, drama, action, etc. to quickly find movies and TV shows across your entertainment apps.
  • Web video results. Bing voice search will be extended to include content in the YouTube app, which will be displayed as web video results.
  • Web results. Bing voice search will also enable searches across the web, which will return both web videos and Internet Explorer web pages."
  • "My Pins" will allow you to bookmark pin your favorite content to one queue that's easily accessible from the Xbox dashboard, including movies, TV shows, games, websites and apps.
  • Recommendations for movie, games and TV shows tailored to you will now surface effortlessly, allowing you to discover new content. Recommendations are generated based on the content you previously viewed, accessed or rated. If you have no history, then recommendations will be generated based on what's most popular amongst the Xbox LIVE community.
  • Ratings will be added to allow you to give content a rating of one to five stars. Ratings are also based on Rotten Tomatoes and metacritic, and are used to enhance future recommendations.
  • "TV & Movies" will be combined in one channel on the dashboard to make searching easier.
  • Sports hub will be added to the home channel of the dashboard (in the US) to make accessing your favorite sports and all new content from the NBA and ESPN even easier.
  • Performance Improvements. As a part of our continued investment to improve the performance of the Xbox dashboard, we've made your overall experience quicker and more seamless.

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