The Telsa K20X Accelerator Graphic Card Launched By NVIDIA

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Its been awhile since I covered graphic cards on this site,the ones that make the cut on this Tekspecz have to have very impressive specs.The Telsa K20X accelerator card which was launched by NVIDIA today has some pretty impressive specs,in fact it tops  the existing K20 graphic card that's currently on the market.So what's new in this graphic card,it has a double and single precision floating point performance,it also has a pumped up memory capacity and bandwidth.There is no specification on the amount of CUDA cores within the k20X,but NVIDIA has mentioned that it will be using a GK110 GPU and will be running 6,count em,6GB of memory with 250 GB/s bandwidth,which is a big improvement from the previous k20  that sports 5GB and delivers 208GB/s worth of bandwidth.Two of these accelerated cards ( the K20X and K20) have a lot in common,they're both based on the NVIDIA's Kepler architecture,most of your top tiered performance though  is infused in the K20X graphic accelerator card.

The K20X is a high rated Teraflop at 1.31 double peak and a single precision at 3.95,while the K20 has a rated 1.17 Teraflop double peak precision and a 3.52 Teraflop single precision.Currently you won't see this type of graphic card in your average consumer based PC (nor in a custom built machine),the K20X accelerated graphic is currently being marketed to super high end users such as research labs and 3D graphic and visual applications.You would also find the Telsa K20X in action in the Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.