Inside The Vault: operation rescue of Manhattan's damaged Internet

File-It-Under: Flooded internet By: D.F.Skinner!~  

Ever wonder what it takes to keep the Internet going? Or even knowing How the Internet work in its entirely? Well look no further than what's going on in lower Manhattan on Broad street.As well you well know,in lower Manhattan was totally devastated by hurricane Sandy,along its path of destruction,many of the tunnels and under ground subway stations were drenched with water from Sandy's storm surge.Move right along over to Broad street  at Verizon's downtown office,in their under ground vault there is miles upon miles of miles of water ruin copper cable which resulted in some Internet outages in the lower portion of Manhattan.Most of the fiber optic lines were spared from Sandy's wrath but there is still some damage,service for FIOS consumers have been restored for over two weeks now.

Verizon technicians are replacing the old ruined copper lines with fiber optic cable because one,its cheap and two its less time consuming.Even there is progress the electronics that send light into the fiber line is not vulnerable to water which needed to be replaced.Aside from that,just take a look at the images above and below courtesy of  The Verge website,the images are simply mind blowing to think that this how your Internet is delivered to your home,office and business.





Credit Source and Image" The Verge"