AOC Borderless 23-inch Monitor,Finally We're In The Future

File-It-Under: Monitors with no borders By: D.F.Skinner!~

We've seen so many movies where there is a influx of high end computers with transparent computer monitors with borderless bezels.Ever wonder which manufacturer will step up to the plate and actually produce such a monitor,well AOC have finally brought you into the  future to present day.Yesterday AOC introduced the brand new 23-inch i2367fh monitor,the monitor more or less is 100%  screen dominated,well technically there is a bezel present but its barely noticeable at 2mm thick.The monitor is stylishly brushed with a all metal finish on the lower portion of the monitor and the rear of the unit.The slim brushed metal stand beautifully complements the edge to edge view of the display.

As far as the actual specs,its a IPS display with a full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, a 50,000,000 1 contrast ratio,a 5ms response time, as well as a WLED backlight design that'll enhance low power consumption.The stand the holds the monitor is fully multipurpose and detachable,also throw a pair of 2W speakers that's integrated within the monitor.The input includes a VGA and HDMI, with HDCP digital inputs.The price point of the AOC 23-inch monitor goes for $199, you can at this moment catch this monitor for sale at Amazons website or at B&H Photo.