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5 Things Apple Needs To Include in iOS 7

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Let me go on the record and say I'm very proud of my iPhone 5,it has the perfect design,light in weight,feels good in the hands with one exception,4G on the iPhone 5  is a bit of  power drainer,but I'll elaborate on that topic in a future blog entry.The one big drawback on the whole iOS experience in particularly iOS 6 is not much have changed since the inception of the iPhone circa 2007,there's still the same north-south east-west icon alignment,yes we finally have push notification after pleading with  Apple to include the feature within the mobile OS,but after years of many updates, the iOS interface overall still a bit boring and stale.Yes there is some pretty good features within iOS 6,but when I look over at the Android Jelly Bean 4.1, I see  innovation, an exciting looking interface,a better smartphone experience,more importantly I see freedom. Even with iOS 6,you still pretty much have to resort to jail breaking your iPhone to add much needed features that have been in the Android platform for a couple of years now.True power users of the the current iPhone 5 have spoken,we want to see more done in the next  iOS upgrade, iOS 7 that is.Now don't mistake this article as a total bash towards the  iOS platform,its not,I love my iPhone,I've gone on record saying that the iPhone is the best handheld device on the planet,but many smartphones on the market are no longer playing catch up to the  iPhone,to the point of even out selling the device,case in point the Samsung Galaxy III which sold 30 million devices to date.

If Apple is going to keep die hard iPhone pundits like myself interested and not stray towards other smartphones,these are five things Apples needs to include in iOS 7.

1: Smart Widgets are  probably the most requested feature for the iOS platform,its also another feature that owners of the iPhone have to resort to  jail breaking to enjoy this feature.Smart widgets,especially on the Android 4.1 platform have the ability automatically re-size themselves based on the amount of space that's free on your screen.Sure technically there is widget-like iOS apps,but its just not same,they can only run on a locked screen which is a total lame.

2: Near Field Communication was the most talked about technology earlier this year,all the tech pundits like myself knew it was coming to the Android platform but we all was wondering if the iPhone 5 would enjoy this new technology.Sadly that wasn't the case,Apple decided not to include this innovative feature in the current iPhone 5,a move that draw a raised eyebrow from many.NFC equipped devices allows data exchange  wirelessly by simply tapping them together.This allows Android users to share web content,maps,You Tube videos,contact information and personal files such as pictures, music and documents.Imagine this,being able to share all of your medical records in case of emergency simply by tapping the doctors phone.Hopefully we'll see such a technology maybe with the iPhone 10 maybe?

3: Better Maps on the iO6 platform needs no explaining,let just say this,the application forced on top dawg at Apple to resign ( more like fired) and caused a slew of changes to the executives at the top of Apple's hierarchy. If Apple is going to institute their version of Maps,unfortunately we won't see an improvement for a couple of years.Until then,what Apple needs to do is swallow its pride and bring back Google Maps,save yourself the headache.

4:  Advanced Multitasking with Apple devices restricts third party apps running in the background.In most cases,the applications are suspended and is not allowed to communicate with other applications.On the other hand,with Android there is true-multitasking minus the restrictions.An an example of true multitasking with Android,on Samsung's "Pop up Play" feature videos are allowed to hover so you can text and view videos at the same time,you know,true multitasking.If Apple wants to improve on user experience make the device fun to use,how you make it fun? Simple with multitasking that is not under constraints.

5: Flash Support is no longer supported by Android ( technically) on the later version that is Android 4.1 there are still millions of  websites on the Internet that depend on  Flash to deliver video content and iPhone owners know very well that Flash isn't supported on the iOS platform.Yes I know,we are slowly migrating to a new video format the HMTL5,but the keyword is SLOWLY.Many web developers for the most part  are still relying on Flash to deliver their video content on their websites.

Bonus! Making  iOS Open to developers is wishing thinking on my behalf,but I truly believe not having a open source platform is hindering the iOS platform somewhat.The mere fact that the platform is under tight grips is killing innovation.Android of course is open-source which makes the mobile OS more customizable. Imagine what developers can do with iOS platform, surely we would no longer have the same boring north-south-east-west icon alignment that we see now.My plea to Apple is this, please allow your mobile OS to breath will you?

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