How To Put The Start Button Back Where It Belongs In Windows 8

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We are a month and a half  into Windows 8 and many like myself  still haven't gotten used to functioning without itching our mouse cursor to the  Start button.Wait a minute,that's right,there is no Start button in Windows 8,instead users have to resort to extra tactics to pull up a Start menu,well technically not a real Start menu because once you hover your cursor into the  left hand corner and  click, you will enter a new dimension better known as Metro Tile.Once you're in the Metro Tile setup,then finally you can click on where it say desktop where everything will look normal again.How about if I told that you can return the Start button back in its respectful place,yes there is a App for that.No registry hacks,you don't need a genius level I.Q. just a simple download,in fact there are several Win 8 Start buttons apps floating around the Internet,I'm currently using Winows8startbutton,head right over to their website and simply download the app,that is it.

Again,there is no registry hacks or added tweaks that needs to take place,simply install the app restart your computer and boom,the Start button is where it belongs.Now the Start button looks rather cheesey but its effective.Also what takes place is once you bootup your Windows 8 machine,you go right straight to your desktop,not Metro Tile.What you think,can you live without the Start button,if not download the app and tell me what you think.