Hands on iTunes 11:My mini review

File-It-Under: Apple media player By: D.F.Skinner!~  





When you think of iTunes,you think of a media player that is heavy on the system (Bloated) slow and a interface that hasn't changed much since 2004.Yes We've seen an abundance of updates,upgrades and added features like Cover Flow and the Genius bar, but in whole, the only real reason why you would use iTunes is because you need it to sync your Apple devices.The new iTunes 11 has taken on a total redesign and feature change,suddenly iTunes 11 don't feel bloated anymore,there's an actual enjoyment playing music and video files.The new iTunes 11 is more cleaner,loads music in a rapid fashion and more and is definitely more visually polished.


If you open iTunes 11 there is some noticeable changes,gone is the iTunes sidebar which was an entry point for all your music and videos files, the iTunes Store, and your playlist.Lets also not forget how the sidebar displayed your connected status for your iPad,iPod and iPhone.Instead in its place is a bar on the very top of the media player that drops down which enables you to swap between different types of media,there is also a button the allow users to switch right over to the iTunes store.IMG_0101[1]

Now if you a fan of the menu bar or want your side bar back,simply click on view,click show sidebar and sidebar will reappear in its original position,for the menu bar,simply click show menu bar on the very top of the media player.Probably one of the absolute best features I like in the new iTunes 11 is how the music is arranged.When click the alum of your choice,a drop down menu appears of all the songs to that particular album.With iTunes 11,there are a million and one ways to access your music,pretty crafty.


I don't want to go into every single detail of iTunes 11,I mean this is a MINI review you know? I'm a say this though,I had my doubts how well iTunes 11 will perform,in fact I almost didn't download the application,but after further review,Apple finally got it right with iTines 11.Tell me what you think about iTunes 11,you hate it,like it,loathe,go ahead,download the app and try it out for yourself.