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The Adjustable Gaming Mouse From Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M

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Adjustable gaming mouse have been on the market for a couple of years now,one that comes to mind is the Cyborg M.M.O 7,but the Tt eSports Level 10 M takes on a whole new light in terms of innovation.This gaming mouse which was profiled on PC Perspective website is a different animal,no pun attended .For starters,its has something that's never been implemented before on a mouse and that's a ventilation setup to keep your hands dry and cool,that right there in itself is a big selling point,but it doesn't end right there in terms of features.It has 3D steering that allow users to adjust the mouse in two different directions,one for height and one for horizontal angles.There's a Macro lighting software for customization that allows the user to assign one of four buttons from A to D to adjust the mouse for timing and delay.You can also combine macros and lighting,DPI settings into one of five different profiles that the user can switch between the thumb stick that present on the left side of the mouse.

Did I mention that there is RGB LED lights implanted on the mouse that has a variety of color combinations,the LED lights are located on several places on the mouse for customization,it also has a laser sensor that goes up to 8300 DPI (dot per square-inch). Also needs mentioning is the Tt eSPORT is designed in partnership with BMW, if you're a obsessed system builder like myself,you know that Thermaltake Level 10 computer cases also have the same partnership design with BMW.

High end mouses are something that is not on the menu for casual computer users,in fact you can get a decent quality mouse for $30 bucks,but if the Tt eSPORT mouse has peaked your interest to the point of purchase,then you're in luck,on Newegg's website they currently have the mouse for sell at $95.






Credit Source:" PC Perspective"

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