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Ah Yes The New iMac

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It wasn't to long ago that I wrote on this website that the iPhone in particularly iOS 6 needs divine innovation,the mobile OS is stale and losing ground to the Android platform.Well guess what,the same does not apply to Apple's computers which continue innovate when it to comes design,case in point,the newly pristine iMac. Ah yes,about that new iMac,I mean have you seen it? I have,and I'm impressed.The design for the iMac has put the all-in-one system at a championship level if you want to apply a sports metaphor.Let's take a  in depth look at the new iMac shall we,its a total revamped design that has somewhat a petite border-less bezel which is all an illusion because if you turn the iMac around to its back it takes on a half oval shape.Though the rear portion of the iMac is partially oval,the machine overall is still slightly slender than the previous generation iMac.



Even though Apple put all of their focus into redesigning the iMac,there is no sacrifice in hardware,in fact,the iMac comes pretty stacked with serious hardware.It has 2.7GHz quadcore Core i5 and a 3.1 GHz Core i7 processor as an option,8GB of DDR3 memory for starters with a maxed 16GB of memory and 1TB of storage.On the graphic front,the new iMac stepped up its game going with NVIDIA's own GeForce chip,the GT 640M with512MB of GDDR5 memory in the 21-inch version, with the more expensive option which is the 27-inch version you'll be blessed with the GTX 660M with 512MB in the higher spec option you'll get the GTX 675MX with an astounding 1GB GDDR5 memory.There is a downside to this brilliantly constructed system,there is no optical drive present in the iMac,Apple also which is a surprise to me didn't even consider installing a Blu-ray player,instead you have to resort to using a USB attached drive which Apple is offering (the SuperDrive) for $79 if you intend on playing any form of disk formatted media.


The new iMac in terms of pricing is pretty much similar to the previous gen systems, $1,299 to start for the 21-inch version, the 27-inch it is $1,799 to start.That being said,with the pricing in a sense a tad bit steep in my opinion, still and all being what you see from the new iMac would you slap the bucks on this machine and grace it on your desktop? I would.

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