The Sapphire Vapor X CPU Cooling Fan

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You'er starting to see this a lot lately,hardware manufacturers crossing over to other platforms,we see it with Corsair and Asus to name a few,now we see it with Sapphire,you know the guys that make graphic cards.Their new venture now, hardware cooling.Yes that's right,they have just unveiled the new Vapor-X CPU cooling,this behemoth of  CPU cooler have two enormous dual fans,the cooler itself measures in at 5.3 inches by 4.3 inches by 6.4 inches,translation,you need a very big gigantic case to house this CPU cooler.If you just so happen to have a motherboard that is constructed to have the DIMM slot sitting close to the CPU socket,then you'll have a problem when installing hardware.Cooling fans like this only apply to system builders who like to push their CPU to the limit and need the equipment to keep their hardware nice and cool,if this article applies to you(system builders that is) then you're in luck,the Vapor-X cooler retails for a reasonable price at $65.





Credit Source: "PC Perspective"