The Xbox Now Welcomes SkyDrive

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Microsoft is sticking to its plan by keeping everything in its ecosystem by merging Skydrive with the Xbox 360.That's right,you can now upload and share all of your Skydrive stored content such as photo's and music files with your gaming console,wait did I say gaming? Nowadays the Xbox 360 its more like an all purpose a media console.The thought of enjoying my stored video content and music files within the confines of my living room is something I'm looking forward to.

How it operates is simple,just pull up your SkyDrive application on your console and immediately your media will be brought to you in front of your very own eyes while being comfy on your couch.Guess what,the application also lends support to the Kinect voice control and gestures,which is an added bonus.To begin using the app,simply boot up your Xbox 360 and head right over to Apps where SkyDrive is listed under the "Social" category.Here's a brief video interlude on the bottom of the entry on how SkyDrive operates on the Xbox 360.