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Return Of Google Maps To The iPhone:Well Technically

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I have a bad habit of not taking my eyes off of my iPhone,which in a sense is a good thing because I'm constantly scouring the Internet researching,reading tech stuff on the go,hey what can I say,geek for life.Upon my intense reading I saw several news flashes last night that Google Maps is back on the iPhone,Whoa.Then I read further and discovered Google Maps is a dedicated application that has just been released in Apple's App store by Google,so immediately I downloaded the app onto my trustee iPhone.

The first thing I notice right from jump street is how fast and responsive the application is,Google Maps is even faster than the prior app from years past. The new app offers up new features that is up to par with iOS standards from past but more cleaner and feels comfortable.The features within the new Google Maps is very cut and dry,to the point which is what I like.You can search for your destination simply by typing or speaking it ( yes there is voice control) .


Right away I took the liberty in testing out the new Google Maps and immediately I notice how well the apps handle specific addresses as well as names of landmark.Unlike iOS 6 Maps,you can also tell the app whether you're driving,walking or using mass transit,which is Google Maps superior strength.Another wow feature in the new Google Maps is how you can rapidly switch your view from traffic to public then right over to satellite.Also  like to mention that Street View which actually works in this application grants you the ability to swipe your way around in a 360-degree angles in a panorama view.The new Google Maps also provides users with spoken turn-by-turn directions,again lacking in iOS 6 Maps.


Finally,upon my further mini review of Google Maps,after messing around with the application for a mere 5 mins,you the user have every right to look down at the faces of Apple and gloat with pride.Let's face it,iOS Maps is the worst piece of garbage ever created by Apple,to think Google Maps was kicked out of the App store upon the releasing of iOS 6,a move that has tarnished Apple to this day.

Head over to the App store and download the new Google Maps,the mapping application is top notch,fast,clean and more importantly free.



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