How Hardware Drivers Work?

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Are we that naive in believing that computers are smart? In actuality they aren't,especially your desktop and laptop computers,it needs to be told what to do.All the hardware within your computer system in fact don't act alone without having some type of help or instruction to make it effective and operational.This brings us question of the entry,How do Hardware Drivers Work?

What are Drivers?

First off,before we get into the science of device drivers,we must first know what exactly are device or hardware drivers.Hardware drivers are basically a written computer program that operates a piece of hardware that is attached to a computer system,that's basically what hardware drivers are in a nutshell.



The science behind drivers

What always happens is a computer talks to a device or piece of hardware through the computers system Bus to which the hardware is connected.A program of calling then directs a routine driver,that driver then issues a command to that piece of hardware.Once the hardware sends data back to the driver,that driver will direct routines back into the original calling program.The main purpose of the hardware drivers is to act as a communicator between the hardware and the application or,the operating system that is currently in use.Sometimes these drivers needs updating which makes the hardware perform better which in turns can give your computer system some spark.


Finally,when you turn on your computer and wonder how  the hardware in your computer system works,such as your hard drive,video cards and other components in your computer,think about the software drivers that's giving your hardware instructions.