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Kingston Unviels The 128GB Wi-Drive

File-It-Under: Portable storage devices By: D.F.Skinner!~  



You starting to see a great deal of Wi-Drives creep up on the market,especially with so many gadget heads who own smartphones and tablets.This particular Wi-Drive created by Kingston has peaked my interest,the technology itself isn't a deal breaker since its been around for a while now,but its the storage capacity that's capped out at 128GB is the deal breaker. Kingston currently have other Wi-Drives on the market at 16GB,32GB and 64GB, the higher storage capacity will allow for more data sharing with Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Three or more devices can access this 128GB Wi-Drive at once either by using your web browser or the free application designed for this particular Wi-Drive,if you a person in need of this device or is just a gadget hound,then you're in luck,the Kingston 128GB Wi-Drive listed on Amazon's website for $176,I also need to mention that the App is available in Apple's app store and Google's Play store.


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