The KitCam Camera App Review

File-It-Under: Mobile Apps By: D.F.Skinner!~  


 I might of found the perfect photo-video editing app for your iPhone,that App is called KitCam.This is probably one of the best image-video editing mobile App I've come across thus far,it has all the tools and features needed for us aspiring  would be film makers and photographers.I mean that's what mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android smartphones has morphed us into,right.

The most unique thing about KitCam is the users ability to edit images before you even snap a photo or shoot a video footage.You have a total mixture of 13different  lenses,30 different types of films, and 18 frames to produce professional looking images.There is an abundance of tools at your disposal and all of your filters are previewed in real time. Navigating around the Apps interface is surprisingly simple with an cut to the chase layout,another unique feature with KitCam is how all the tools are hidden in a draw like interface(more on that later),crafty.
The users has the option in choosing a image from your smartphones library,or if you choose to take a picture,you can experiment and see what your filters and image effects will look like before you snap a pic.
Another crafty feature within KitCam's interface, there is a slide out draw in the lower right hand corner of the App where you have the valuable option in choosing film,lenses and frames. It doesn't end right there with KitCam.
Once you finished taking your photos,KitCam gives you the option to share your images with the world via social networking photo sites that includes Facebook, Flickr, Twitter,Tumblr and yes my favorite Instagram.There is even a features
 that allows users to save their images to Dropbox.
The App itself just hit the App Store last week so it's basically brand new,KitCam comes a $1.99 price tag in Apples App Store.Give the App a shot,tell me what you think,is it the best photo editing App?Or you've seen better.