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My Top 5 Gadgets of 2012

File-It-Under: Top listings By: D.F.Skinner!~

This was a interesting year in technology,we have seen a full blown emergence of mobile technology,some interesting looking laptops,gaming computers that draw attention to the masses and bevy of well made mobile Apps.I came up with my list of top gadgets of 2012 that impressed me,you'll be surprise to know that Apple devices isn't dominating this list.Without further a do,lets get down to business with my top gadgets of 2012
Top Smartphone in 2012: Samsung Galaxy S III
Conventional wisdom would make me want put the iPhone 5 as the top smartphone being that i actually own the device,but unfortunately that crown goes to the Samsung GalaxyIII S and deservingly so.The smartphone is everything that the iPhone 5 is lacking and more,for example,true multitasking,customize widgets,moving backgrounds is just a tip of the iceberg of features in the Samsung Galaxy III S.Want proof that this device is king,ask 30 million consumers who is currently walking around with the Samsung Galaxy III S in their pockets.
Top Laptop in 2012: Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro
Anything with retina display technology in my opinion makes it to the top gadget list.In the case of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it has retina display and supreme hardware to match one that includes NVIDIA GeForce graphics and a Intel Core i5 Ivy bridge processor just to name a few.
Top Gaming Computer in 2012:The Origin Genesis Desktop
The raw power and hardcore specs does not tell the whole story about the Origin Genesis gaming machine.The case design is serious,and it has a very sophisticated cooling and fan setup,the best I've seen in any gaming rig on the market this year.
Top 7-inch Tablet 2012: Nexus 7
Another Android mobile device makes my top gadget list.The perfect 7-inch tablet in terms of comfort and feel and importantly it runs stock Android Jelly Bean.
Top 10-inch Tablet 2012: iPad 3
Improved hardware and of course retina display,enough said.
Top Mobile App 2012: Google Maps
This isn't a top mobile App because many iPhone owners simply just missed it,not the case.We love Google Maps because It's by far the best mapping app on a mobile platform.By the way how much did iOS users missed Google Maps? Ten million downloads in a 24 hour period.

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