Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

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Are mechanical keyboards making a come back? They sure are especially in age where wireless keyboards and mouses are king,we are seeing a great number of mechanical gaming keyboards cropping up on the scene.The one profiled in this entry is the ever so popular Razer BlackWidow Ultimate,there are other mechanical gaming keyboards like this one that offers the same things and even more popular,like the Rosewill models to name a few,but lets take a close examination of the Razer BlackWidow.This particular keyboard offers responsive typing for users,standout featured in most gaming mechanical keyboards.Other noted features are its backlight keys great for gaming in the dark,and on-the-fly macro recording with  an intuitive software driver,almost forgot to mention that of course since this is a mechanical keyboard,requires a spare USB jack to get it started.Mechanical gaming keyboards like that of the Razer BlackWidow in which we profiled aren't cheap,this one goes for $129.00,you can find it as low as $100 at Amazon.com.