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Weekly Rant Presents:More Battery Power Please

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Retina display,OLED this,high resolution that,I got it already,and lets throw in the fact there's 1GHz processors now.What I'm talking about you might be asking,I talking about how smartphones have much improved features,hardware and higher resolution displays.These devices have everything you can ask for in a mobile device,but one thing is lacking and still needs more improvement, and that's battery power.No one  talking about extending battery life in these devices,hello!

As tablet  and smartphone makers continue to push the envelope with brighter displays and faster processors,for some reason unknown,no one is making push to implement some form of technology that will make your batteries in these advanced mobile devices last  longer.Many smartphones such as the iPhone and Android have gone the 4G route,much faster connection,clean data feed but has a  tremendous impact on battery life,especially when you're using services that require heavy data bandwidth such YouTube,Netflix and Spotify. When using those services for a extended period time,you'll begin the notice your battery percentage decrease at a rapid fashion.In my test when using Spotify on my iPhone 5 with the fame music stream service,in just 30 minutes of usage with Spotify I notice a decrease in battery power from %100 to %89,ouch.

Are longer battery life in mobile devices on the horizon ? Yes.Will we see it any time soon? I don't think so,at least nothing you'll see next year. There are some evil geniuses over at Intel that is developing ways to extend mobile device battery life by developing a technology that will reduce the stress on CPU's.Intel wants to integrate communication chips that will intelligently evaluate data that will ensure only relevant data is delivered on these devices.Again this sort of technology is still in the development stage and will not be on devices anytime soon.

Do you agree with me that battery power should be the greater emphasis not brighter and bigger displays? Leave your comment below in the box,tell me what you think.


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