My Top 6 apps that should be on your brand new iPhone

File-It-Under: Software recommendation By: D.F.Skinner!~ I know there are a lot of first time iPhone owners today as many woke up to Apple's famous smartphone underneath their tree on Christmas day.For many,you might have upgraded to the new iPhone 5 from your older generation iPhone,but if you are a first time iPhone owner then good news,you are in for a treat.Welcome to the wonderful world of Apps,iOS apps that is,confuse as to what type of App should be place on your newly pristine iPhone? Well you're in luck, here's a list of my favorite Apps that's currently running on my iPhone and should be on your new iPhone.





You brand new iPhone owners are just in time for the new Google Maps,as you know this was a baked in default App for the iPhone that rudely taken off by Apple when they unveiled iOS 6 this past Fall .To make a long story short,Apple version of maps (iOS maps that is) was a complete disaster which led to a P.R nightmare and cost people to lose their jobs at Apple.In comes Google with their app version for Google Maps which you can download for free in the App store.Arguably the best mapping app on the iPhone and I use it religiously.It gives accurate directions,checks subway times and even blesses you with turn by turn directions.Remember,as I mentioned before,this is not a integrated app by Apple,but rest for sure you don't have to worry about ending up driving into a building after relying on turn by turn directions (Yes I'm looking at you Apple).











This social networking app allows you to share photos,edit your photos with filters and even write comments.How popular is this Instagram? Want to see a picture of Lebron James socks,go on instagram,want to see a picture of P.Diddy sleeping on his private jet,that's right,its on Instagram.
















If you are a Twitter junkie like myself then you're in luck,there are a bevy of third party apps for the iPhone.The device itself has a Twitter default app baked in that's created by,well Twitter.But if you are not satisfied with the default app,head over to the app store take your shot at TweetBot.In my opinion the best third party Twitter app on the iOS platform,it has multiple timelines which allows users to create your own list of friends,has detail conversation that allows users to catch up in real time or see responses to tweets.One swipe of your finger to the right to view conversation,swipe left to view tweets in real time.I might add this app isn't free,it'll run you $2.99 in the app store.I usually don't like paying for app unless appeals to me,TweetBot is very appealing.













dropbox-iphone-5 (1)

There are so many file hosting services out there its so hard to keep count, there's Google Drive,iCloud,SkyDrive to name a few.They all behave the same way but I have been a fan of DropBox since its inception,in fact this app basically started it all.Very simple app to use where you can share content from your smartphone to your computer and back again,see that simple,its all in the cloud people (Cloud meaning stored on a server).Just like the other cloud based services the first 2GB of storage is free,if you want to up your storage capacity it'll cost you.











KITCAM $1.99



There are many filtered inspired photo editing apps on the iOS platform.None standout more in terms features and tools than KitCam.This photo editing app does what no other photo editing app has attempt to this date, and that's filter your images before you even snap a pic.Another app that's not free,but its well worth the money. Once you use KitCam,picture taking will be part of your daily routine.




















Not enough words can describe this app,let me put it this way,its by far the best app on both the mobile device and desktop version,period.I mean think about it,provided that you paid for the premium service you have access to a vast music library at your finger tips (Or on the click of your mouse if your on your desktop). Guess what? Its all free music,there is a trade off though,yes you can listen to any music file you want but you can't download these music files,Spotify owns all the rights to all this music so the users can listen to most of the music without any backlash from the music industry.