The Weekly Rant Presents: Dear Apple:Change Is Needed In 2013

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Welcome to the all new installment of "The Weekly Rant" where this week I direct my personal rant towards Apple,that's right Apple,it needs to wake up and step up its game because other tech giants have finally caught up to Apple with their smartphones,tablets and operating systems.Now don't get me wrong,I'm not a dedicated fan boy who's shaking in pants because the competition is finally on par with Apple,I'm just a big fan of great technology who just so happen to have a couple of Apple products (Who don't these days). Apple is losing ground to competition partly because I think the once reigning kings of tech are resting on their laurels.If Apple is going to remain a dominate force in technology it needs to......

Scrap iOS and OS X Mountain Lion altogether and start over

History has shown that Apple is at it best when it decides to start things over from scratch, in the case of  iOS and Mac OS X,the two operating systems needs a complete overhaul because they are a bit,well stale and long in the tooth with its features.Both operating systems haven't changed much since its inception.Yes they are changes but most changes are minor tweaks and a feature add on here and there,nothing big as in a change with its overall platform.Want proof of this,just take a good look at iOS 6 ,I mean the operating system still looks the same as iOS 1.

Take Risks With Your Operating Systems

Take a good look at Android Jelly Bean 4.1,you see all the features implemented on that mobile OS? I see a company (Google) that's not afraid to implement different features within their Android platform,partly because its a open source OS(more on that later).Even with Microsoft's Windows 8 there is a shit load of new features,whether you hate Metro tile interface or love it,you have to admit,Microsoft took bold steps Windows 8,they took a risk(I'm looking at you Apple).If Apple is going to keep tech pundit like myself  interested in their products,its needs to implement more exciting features within their operating systems be it mobile or desktop.Apple is a $100 billion year company,they most certainly have cash cow to take great risk with Mac OS X and iOS 6.

Stop Suing Everyone

Yeah I know when you're a tech titan like Apple and very successful,you are going to be the hunted,that means protecting your intellectual property.With Apple though protecting one property is a bit of over kill as the company has had its share of lawsuits battles in 2012,case in point Apple vs. Samsung.Apple with its constant lawsuits to me come off as a company who's looking to be,dare I say an evil monopoly? Well maybe saying  that Apple flirts with monopolistic practices is going overboard,but it do seems like Apple is acting like the child who storms out of the sandbox and takes its toys away from the other kids in the process.

Open Things Up

Its not shock that part of Androids success is the software is a  open source environment,and its also no surprise that the reason why iOS 6 is well the same as iOS 1,this is because Apple distorts innovation with its tight grips on its software.Not only is the grip so tight,but  part of their business practice is to not allow outside sources that is not Apple employed to breath new life into its operating system or in a whole.Its sad when most iOS users have to resort to jail breaking devices to enjoy certain features on their devices.Now hear this Apple,a closed locked down platform is hurting you guys,consumers are willing to pay for innovation,you got that?