CES 2013 At Vegas:What It All Means

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This week coming up is the annual CES which stands for Computer-Electronic-Show,which is held every year during the second week of January in Las Vegas.For those who isn't familiar with CES welcome to a new installment of "What it all mean".The CES is a trade show where 1,000 up 1,000 of tech companies come to display up coming products or,devices that will soon hit the market this year or later.These products revealed can range from TV's,mobile devices like smartphones,tablets and of course computers.You'll even see products like computer hardware for system builders,and audio-video components like speakers and receivers.In all,you will see just about anything that tech at CES. You'll also many first time products being unveiled in fact,it was at CES is where the iPhone made its debut back in 2007.Probably the most dominate devices that will be displayed at CES 2012 will be off course mobile device (tablets and smartphones).

Many tech websites like Engadget,The Verge, CNET and many other known sites will be doing live coverage from the trade show. I will also do some CES coverage as well even though I'm not at CES this year,stay tune.