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Vizio Introduces The Very First Windows 8 Tablet

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I've stated  in a recent post that you'll see many products being revealed right before CES,giving us a a brief teaser as to what's to come in this weeks CES.The latest suspect is Vizio, Engadget is reporting that the famed TV manufacturer is breaking ground by releasing a Windows 8 tablet,now if you're not familiar with Vizio other than the TV's that they are known for,they  have produced a tablet which hit the market last year and even have some pretty nice looking computers on the market as well. About that new tablet,it will offer a full Windows 8 experience on  11.6-inch display that will have a very bright intense 1080p screen resolution.It will include AMD hardware that will come in a form of 1.GHz Z-60 chip dual-core processor.

Good news,this tablet will not offer the dreaded bloatware something Windows computers have been known to have,the new tablet from Vizio will have a pristine install of Windows which will be known as the Microsoft Signature Installation.Other hardware specs that needs mentioning there will be 64GB of SSD storage,2 GB of RAM,a micro HDMI and micro USB ports, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.Since this is a teaser reveal,there is no word on pricing or release date.I'm sure more details will be made on the new Vizio tablet this week at CES,stay tune.

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