CES 2013 Update:The NVIDIA Grid

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Yesterday NVIDIA kicked things off at CES 2013 with a big keynote address where they revealed a number of products,Project Shield,the Tegra 4 processor and the NVIDIA Grid.Out of all the products that was revealed by NVIDIA that was of keen interest,the NVIDIA Grid really caught my attention.What is NVIDIA Grid by the way? It's a cloud based gaming product where you can log on their servers playing some popular gaming titles via the Internet.Is this the only cloud base gaming service around,of course not.You have competitors like Gaikai and OnLive,but the NVIDIA Grid has some pretty interesting tech,it has within its server 24 individual racks at once that has a total of 240 GPU's and a astounding 200 teraflops of raw processing power,that's a equivalent to 700 Xbox 360's.



At the keynote,NVIDIA demonstrated cloud gaming clients for Android tablets and the Xbox 360 that was of course powered by The Grid.The system has the ability to pick up any game in progress even when the user has stop playing on one device and can start playing on another device. The Grid can also renders games according to what type of hardware you'er using,meaning you don't have to have supreme hardware to play graphic intense games,so you can play games on your TV or PC. What we have here is simple,the next generation in gaming,from top to bottom this will most certainly change how gamer's game.