CES 2013 Update: Samsung 85-inch TV with a chalk board like design

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Ladies and gentleman,welcome to who's TV is the biggest,the baddest on the block at CES 2013,that's right folks CES is not just known for just displaying computers ad gadgets,its a stomping ground for the latest and greatest in flat screen TV's.The Samsung 85-inch S9 most certainly is the biggest and baddest as it has the honor in being the worlds largest Ultra-High-Definition TV.

The Samsung S9 85-inch has somewhat a pretty unique yet weird looking design as it sits suspended within metal frames which resembles a lot like a chalkboard,like I said,unique yet weird.

The features on the TV is almost alien like as it uses the new Smart Hub software,S-Recommendation,and voice control. Remember I said the features within the TV is alien like?Well get this,it's powered by a 1.35GHz quad-core A15 processor.The Samsung S9 comes equipped with standard ports such as 4 HDMI inputs and optical audio.There is not mention of price point,but I'm sure you have to have very deep pockets to purchase the S9. Despite no listed price,Samsung is set to release to market this upcoming March 2013.