CES Update 2013: The Tegra 4 Mobile Processor

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As I wrote prior to this entry how NVIDIA did it real big this past Sunday with their keynote address which kicked things off at CES 2013. One of the products that intrigued me was the NVIDIA Grid,which is a cloud based gaming service.Now this brings us to NVIDIA's own Tegra 4 processor.

The Tegra 4 of course is the follow up to the Tegra 3,the mobile processor utilizes a 4-plus-1 CPU core configuration,which is the same as the Tegra 3.This provides a quad-core CPU performance for applications that demands added processing power,there is a single secondary core present within the processor,it's primary function is to cut off power consumption when quad-core processing is not in use.

So about those features,the chipset has 72 custom NVIDIA GeForce cores which offers 6-times the graphic performance of the Tegra 3 processor.The Tegra 4 processor is able to power ULTRA high-def 4K resolution displays.

There is no mention of processing speed within the Tegra 4 processor,I'm sure NVIDIA will reveal that information at a later date.