Top 5 Gadgets That Really Impressed Me At CES

File-It-Under: CES Stuff By: D.F.Skinner!~ CES-2013

Let me set the record straight,I did not attend CES this year,most of the information gathering were from viewing and reading several websites which did an excellent job in their coverage,plus there were plenty of  Youtube coverage as well.Still and all,there were plenty of gadgets that really impressed me.Impressed me so much I came up with my Top Five impressive looking gadgets that were displayed at  CES. Without the continued ramble,here's my list of my favorite gadgets of CES 2013.


1: The Most Impressive Tablet: Vizio 10-inch Tablet

Vizio really turned heads this year at CES with their 10-inch Android tablet,in fact most websites have this device as their top slate at CES and rightfully so.It has the dubious honor of being the worlds first tablet to house the Tegra 4 processor,it runs stock Android 4.1 with Android 4.2 coming later on in the year,and it has a very bright outstanding display that measures at 300dpi.Is this a iPad killer? That remains to be seen,the market will determine that when it hit stores later this year.


2:The Most Impressive Technology: Nvidia's Grid

I know this isn't an actual device or gadget,but you got to love the technology.It's a technology that's probably a step ahead of its time.Check this out,can you imagine playing some of the more known game titles like Far Cry 2 and Crysis on your tablets,smartphones and laptops,and still won't miss a beat in video  graphic quality.All that's needed is  just by simply sign in online to the Grid's service and access gaming content from their servers.The Grid will not only change the way we play video games,but it just might make gaming consoles obsolete in the future.


3:The Most Impressive TV: The Samsung 85-inch and 110-inch  4k Easel TV

Seeing Youtube videos and images of the Samsung 4k probably does no justice, you have to really stand right in front of  Samsung 4K to really appreciate the Ultra High Definition display.Unique in that the TV sits on a floating easel that has 120-watt integrated speakers.This design I'm sure is a trend setter and I'm  you'll see other  TV manufacturer's copy this design.


4:The Most Impressive SmartPhone: The Sony Xperia Z

Another mobile device that made a lot of noise at CES 2013,joins a growing list of 5-inch smartphones and his a 1080p display( 1080p displays are standard nowadays) with a powerful quad-core processor and the device is water resistance,an industry first.The Xperia Z is set to be release for retail next month.


5: The Most Impressive Watch: The CST-01

This is billed as the worlds thinnest watch which is featured on Kickstarter,it weighs less than a penny at 12 grams and uses a e-link display.How could you not appreciate a watch that looks like something  straight from a sci-fi flick.