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Dell In Talks In Going Private

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This is a huge shocker here, according to Bloomberg,Dell are in talks in taking their company right off the stock market,yes they want to go private.The company have already talked to a number of large private banks that will help finance the move.Once upon a time, Dell were the kings of computer manufacturing but have struggled in recent years,even losing a third of its value in 2012.In a recent financial reports,Dell are down 34 percent in profits,ouch! Why you think Dell is crapping out in sells? Simple,smartphones and tablets.This is a case of a company not quickly adopting to change in the market,more and more consumers are surfing the web with some form of mobile device.

According to sources close to Bloomberg,the company is in current talks with two financial firms that will help close the deal,but it can all fall apart very easily if the right financing isn't in order.Since Micheal Dell (the CEO and founder of course) owns 15.7 percent of the company,the deal can easier be made.

Dell of course have decline to comment.




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