AT&T takes the chains off of Face Time over Cellular

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The process of having Face Time over Cellular with AT&T has been slow at best,but it is gradually being available to more people.The feature which was introduced with iOS 6 but Apple left it up to carriers as to how data is to be distributed and shared,as you well know up until iOS 6 you can only use Face Time on WiFi.At first,AT&T made a choice to only offer customers only shared data,this move would ensure that carrier's can handle the bandwidth overload.Today AT$T will finally allow within US borders the feature to be implemented on all tiered data plans,keyword is ( TIERED) and service will be extended to iPhone 4S users.This process will begin rolling out with in the next two weeks,but what about iPhone users who are still on the unlimited plan?No word from yet from AT$T on unlimited data plans.