Would you game with these? The Oculus Rift

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Yes,that is the question of the day I pose for the readers,would you game with the Oculus Rift.I know I would,and soon as it hits the market for sell I can't wait to get my hands on this device.In case you wondering what is the Oculus Rift,they are the new 3D virtual reality headset made specifically for video games and I got a feeling  this will forever change the way we play video games.It has drawn rave reviews from many gaming publications,it was nominated as the best gaming device at E3 2012,and has won many gaming critics awards in 2012,this was also a huge hit on Kickstarter which managed raise a total of  $2,437,429 so far and counting.The Oculus Rift also made its way to CES 2013 and unsurprisingly drew raved reviews from many who dawn the device over their eyes.Many tech publications like "The Verge" (my favorite tech website) voted the Oculus Rift as "The Best Gaming Hardware Of CES 2013.

Now there are devices like the Oculus Rift in existence,but they either lack the advance technical features or their seated on a very high price point $20,000.These type of virtual reality headsets are usually used in the military or reserved for the scientific community.With that said,the beauty of Oculus Rift  it will come with an SDK kit,so developers can tweak the hardware and add more features to the software,the Rift open source dev kit will include an all out access to Oculus Developer Center,which will provide the SDK of course and technical support.


The hardware specs within the Oculus Rift is pretty straight forward,it has a 6 degrees head tracking for freedom with low latency,110 degrees diagonal/90 degree horizontal field of view,a 1280 x 800 resolution ( 640 x 800 per eye ball),inputs will include a DVI/HDMI and USB ports.You'll be able to use the Oculus Rift on both the PC and mobile platform,no mention whether or not it will be Mac compatible.



My final thoughts on the Oculus Rift,its one of those devices that you really have to be at CES and actually use the device to appreciate its full potential.Judging from all the positive write ups and YouTube demos,the Oculus Rift will go very well once it hits the consumer market.Now about that question I asked earlier in this entry,given what you learned so far,would you game with the Oculus Rift I would,I think what we are seeing here is something revolutionary and will pose a huge alteration in the way we play video games,think about it,gaming in a 3D virtual world,nice.

Here's the Oculus Rift being used at CES,this video is courtesy of Endgadget

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7TC4OvvjnU]