Explanation Needed:Quad Core processing

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Welcome to the first installment of "Explanation Needed" ,this is a new feature I'm introducing to this site where I explain technology to the not so tech savvy,sort of  like technology for dummies.Believe it or not,you be amazed at how many consumers are owners of such great technology like that of a computer,Internet or smartphone, but don't know its inner workings.Believe it or not,this stuff is not as technical as it seems,so for the readers I'll try to break down everything in its simplistic terms.In this installment of "Explanation Needed" we examine Quad-Core processing,what do it all means,even the not so tech savvy know there is a processor present within every device we own,be it smartphones and computers,but this quad-core stuff,what exactly is it.

Quad-core processing or processor is basically a chip with four or more independent units that we call,of course cores.Each cores read and execute the central processing instructions such as adding and moving data within a device ( computer or mobile device).


Now within each core it always operates in conjunction with other circuits within the processor such as caching ( caching is component that stores data,a holding area for future request from the processor),memory management,and your input and output ports.With extra cores within a processor,it increases the overall speed for your applications it doesn't necessarily increase the overall speed of the processor,all it does is handles applications much better.The results of quad-core processing depends solely on the habits on the users itself,and the nature of the programs being run in the computer,the hardware within the system.You want to see the true nature of how quad-core processing works,open up and run many programs all at once.If your computer don't crash or stall,then quad-core processing is running smooth within your CPU.So to put everything in a  nutshell,quad-core processing is basically several processors in one

So there you go,the first installment of "Explanation Needed" ,tell me what you think about this new feature and leave your comments in the box.