Vine The New Mobile Video App By Twitter,Could This Be The Next Big Thing In Social Networking?

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Other than Apple's sudden stock plunge,this is really a boring time of year in technology,but hold on now,there is this app that has just been unveiled call Vine and it has caused a little bit a buzz with the geek pundits.What is Vine you might be asking,Vine is basically a Instagramish type video app which is Twitter own where users can upload 6 seconds of  Gif size video for the world to see,that simple.There are wide variety of video social Apps to choose from,but where they fall short and Vine gains an advantage is its ability to pair H.264 videos into a Gif-size snippets,Vine max out at six seconds as I mentioned before.

I just started using Vine and from what I see its a fairly simple app to use,you start from standard camera view,and just hold your finger down to shoot your video.You can create a video montage by simply tapping and releasing the shoot button.You can perform all of these tasks without going through the whole video editing process.You can easily upload your vine videos to Twitter feed of course since they own the app and upload Facebook feed,but the drawback with Facebook is you can only get an image of your video on your timeline,you have to click on a link to view the video in Facebook,the Vine app also comes with its on video feed.Unlike video apps like Cinemagram,with Vine you can auto play sound.

Vine is only available on the iOS platform ( free in the App store),but I'm sure this app will make its way to Android and Windows Phone at some point this year.I have a feeling just like Instgram,Vine will take off once celebrities get hold of this app,I mean isn't that how other social networking apps blow up.Vine in my opinion will generate a huge dedicated following just like Twitter and Instgram,I'll bet my bank account on it.