Whats Different About The Corsair Neutron SSD (solid state drive)

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All SSD storage drives on the market today seem to have something in common,they have built in controllers manufactured by either Marvell,SandForce,Indilinx, and Samsung, if you know anything about Solid State drive technology you know that these are some serious players when it comes to controllers (For those who don't know what controllers are in regards to hard drives or the SSD,I'll explain it all in the next Installment of Explanation Needed).The Corsair Neutron SSD is a bit different though,it features a new controller from Link_A_Media Device (better known as LAMD).This new controller is not yet available in other consumer storage products,at least for now the  Corsair Neutron SSD has the honor of having the LAMD LM87800 controller which is the focal heart of the Neutron SSD.

In case you'er wondering what's  the specs within the Neutron SSD,its rocking 240GB of storage capacity,128 MB of DRAM cache memory,a Max sequential read/write speeds that measures 555 MB/s read and 370 MB/s write,a SATA 6Gb/s interface,and a 2.5-inch form factor.About the price,the 240GB Corsair Neutron SSD will retail for $189,which averages out to about $0.79 per gigabyte.This is probably the most affordable SSD on the market,proof that SSD's are starting to come down in price a bit.



Credit Source: "HotHardware"