Explanation Needed:SSD (solid state drives) Controllers What Exactly Are They?

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We are seeing a huge influx of  solid state drives being installed in many computers systems now,in fact they are rapidly becoming the standard storage device replacing the old traditional hard drives with moving parts.Smartphones also uses solid state drives,in fact it help boost the whole mobile revolution.There are so many benefits in using SSD's,unlike traditional hard drives,they don't moving parts,they have very rapid read/write speeds and much faster data transfer and consumes power.They are just fast period,but the technology that is embedded within the SSD that makes all of this possible is the CONTROLLER.

So what is this SSD controller you might ask,the controller is incorporated electronics that actual  bridges the NAND memory component to the host computer,that simple but wait there's more.The technology within the controller is very complex and sophisticated,the SSD storage device uses integrated circuits that is assembled as memory that stores data.There  are other important functions that is performed by the controller and it includes Error correction coding (ECC) ,Read and Write caching, Garbage collection and Encryption.

So there you have it,the inner workings of the SSD controller,the engine that drives the solid state drive