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Twitter Hackers Breach 250,000 Accounts

File-It-Under: Hacks and Breaches By: D.F.Skinner!~  




You have Christmas week, Thanksgiving week but in the case for the Internet,last week was Hackers week as there were an abundance of hacker attacks on some very known websites.The New York Times got breached,Wall Street Journal got breached now we have the latest victim,Twitter.In its blog Twitter stated that during the past week they have detected quote "unusual access pattern" unquote,they uncovered unauthorized attempt's to access user data.The famed social media network discovered one such attack in progress and were able to shut it down immediately. Twitter admitted that the hackers were able to access account information that totals 250,000 different users.According to Twitter, usernames and email addresses session tokens and encrypted/salted passwords would have been made available to these hackers.

Twitter response to this has been to reset passwords and revoked session tokens for all such accounts,any affected users should be receiving emails from Twitter notify users that they should reset their passwords.The moral to this whole story is simple,create a sophisticated password or,change your password to your account every week.

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