The Worlds Fastest 32GB Memory Kit Goes To:G.Skill

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There's a age old question that's always ask in the wonderful world of computer hardware,do you need more RAM or fast RAM,that's the million dollar question.Well why not have both,G Skill ( the other guys memory who make memory) has laid claim to a Trident X Series 32GB ( in reality its 4 8GB RAM sticks more on that later) DDR3-2800 memory kit ( model F3-280011C11Q-32TXD) is to date the fastest clocked 32GB memory kit on the market.

G.Skill memory is what I'm currently using in all of my systems,including the system I just put together a few months back,to introduce to the world a large capacity RAM that's running at speeds of 2800MHz is quite impressive.As I mentioned before the memory kit consists of four 8GB RAM sticks which is rated to run at C11-13-13-35 (the numbers I just posted are latency numbers) and a has a 1.65V voltage power.This is perfectly compatible with most Z77 based system boards running the latest Ivy Bridge processor,though will and should work just fine with any DDR3-based boards that supports 32GB of memory.

G.Skill are usually very reasonably price RAM,but if you want the fastest RAM in a  32 GB package it'll come at a hefty tentative price at $300.