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Would You Buy The Microsoft Surface Pro?

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The Microsoft Surface Pro have been in the news a lot since last week with a bunch of reviews posted on many tech websites,mainly because the Microsoft Surface Pro was release to market as of last week.Now I have my reservation with hybrid devices such as the Microsoft Surface Pro,I mean it should be a either or,a tablet or laptop,plain and simple.No snap off keyboards none of that.You're even seeing an influx of touch screen laptops bombarding the market,now for me I really don't get the concept of having a laptop with touchscreen ability,I really don't get it.But in the case for the Microsoft Surface Pro,it has a certain type of appeal to me,yes it do.

For the record,the Microsoft Surface Pro is indeed a tablet that can behave like a laptop which comes with a snap off or fold up keyboard,which in my opinion is a great idea by Microsoft,makes me wonder why Apple haven't instituted this idea with the iPad's.So let talk hardware specs shall we.The Microsoft Surface Pro comes stacked with some pretty impressive hardware,staring with 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317u processor with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 video chip,4GB of RAM and you have your choices in storage of either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.There is Bluetooth and WiFi networking but just like the Windows Surface RT,there is no 3G and 4G signaling embedded within this device.Unlike the Microsoft Surface RT,the Surface Pro comes stocked with a full version of Windows 8,that's right,no strip down version.

The only big draw back with the Surface Pro is its price,which is a hefty $900 price point,for that price why not get a 128GB iPad that connects to a LET network,just saying.With that said,would you buy the Microsoft Surface Pro?



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