My iPhone 5 Jail Breaking Experience

File-It-Under: Smartphone hacks By: D.F.Skinner!~  


While the debate is on,should you or should you not jail break your iPhone,that's the question.In the case of with the new boring iOS 6 and the epic fail with Apple's own maps,a jailbreak is very much welcome.According to recent stats,there have been 7 million "evasi0n" jailbreak downloads for the iOS 6,this indeed doesn't spell well for Apple.So what about my experience with this current jailbreak? The experience has been great,flawless at best.The thing about the evasi0n jailbreak its so easy even the not so tech savvy iPhone user can perform this task.Simply just log onto evasi0n website and just perform a few clicks of the mouse cursor,you are done,the directions to the jailbreak is straight forward and simple.Once you unlock the chains from Apple (or jailbreak) you have access to the Cydia app store,there you'll find a bevy of applications that wasn't welcome by Apple for the iOS App store.You can download widgets,yes that's right,widgets,something you'll never find in Apples app store,you can download all types of themes for the iPhone and download all types of notification software so you don't have to resort to Apple's own boring notification center.You can even download all types of tethering applications and turn your iPhone into a MyFi wireless access point without your alerting your cellphone provider(technically this option is made available by default on the current iPhone but you'll end up paying extra money to use this feature).

So you might be asking me why? Why jailbreak your iOS device? It's simple,freedom.If I pay $400 or more for a Apple device then you own it right? I mean who is Apple to tell me what I should do and not do with the device I paid for and add the fact that I'm paying $110 a month to use the 4G service provided by AT&T which adds up to $1200 a year in total.

Now if you going to jailbreak your iOS device you automatically void your warranty,a law has recently been put in place that jail breaking devices is illegal,right good luck with that one.In case you screw up your jail breaking task,you can always connect your device to iTunes and restore it back to its factory settings.If you have jail broken your device already using the latest evasi0n software,leave a comment below and tell me your jail breaking experience.


Update: You must be on iOS 6.1.1 in order for your jail breaking experience to go smoothly.