Be On A Lookout For This:The Samsung 840 Series SSD

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What doesn't Samsung not make these days,they'er into just about every form of technology on the planet.From smartphones to computers, computer hardware,TV's you name it Samsung makes it.This brings us to hardware,storage hardware that is.Be on the lookout for this pretty impressive looking SSD storage drive that has drawn some interest from me,this Samsung 840 Series.The 840 Pro series caps out at it 250GB,like most SSD's its has a extremely fast read/write speeds the measures at 95,000/62,000 IOPS (IOPS is acronym for Input/Output Per Second is a performance measurement used to benchmark storage devices),it has a SATA 6Gbps interface,there is a embedded 512MB  SDRAM cache,as well as a 3-core Samsung MDX controller and it has a Samsung constructed Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND flash memory.Speaking if which,the beauty about the Samsung 840 Series SSD is all the parts within the storage drive is all manufactured by Samsung which means instantaneous adjustments and firmware updates when the hard drive runs into problems.

The SSD itself has a sleek thin design with a matted black color scheme with a all metal silver ban on the edges,it has the standard 2.5-inch form factor with a ultra slim chassis that measures at 7mm in height,its just 53.5 grams in weight,some who have experienced using this storage drive has said it to be feathery lite.It has a pretty reasonable price at $189 which isn't bad considering you're getting a high grade,high quality SSD at 250GB.



Credit Source: "HotHardware"