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My Top 5 Most Overpriced Nonsense In Tech

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I was flipping around Youtubes channels and I stumbled upon one particular video where the topic was "The 5 Most Overpriced Tech" some of the items I could have not disagreed anymore which he had listed as the most overpriced,over hyped tech devices on the market, so let me add my two cents on this topic.There is one of two items I have listed he also has on his top 5 list already, but there are so many over hyped,unnecessarily expensive tech that people for some reason break the bank for these products. Without further a do,here's my top 5 list of the most overpriced nonsense in tech,I mean overpriced,over hyped,over paid for.




5: Cable TV and Internet packagescabletv-v-nettv

I say on average you'll end paying $150 or more a month for cable TV and Internet package, mind you for me this is without having any movie channels.Now just imagine if I throw in movie channels along with this current price package I just presented to you,we taking $250 a month,which equates to $2700 a year,ouch,ouch and double ouch.Still in the year 2013 we are paying a notes ransom just to enjoy the confines of the Internet, the Internet is not just a tool for enjoyment,but its a necessity.We do banking online,pay our bills,talk to love ones via Skype,so as you can see the Internet has become synopsis to the modern telephone,its needed for communication.The overall problem for the price gauging within the Cable and Internet package is of course that ugly word we hate to spew out call a MONOPOLY.



4: Outrageous Cell Phone PlansCell-Phone-Plans

Another strong need from consumers and that's cellphones,no longer a luxury item but a necessity,in fact cellphones have replaced land lines as the primary communication device in the home.With that said,we have these outrageous cellphone plans,lets do the math.Lets use the iPhone as an example to formulate this math problem,you pay $299 for a smartphone,pay $25 for activation fee,depending on what type of voice and data plan you have, you'll pay $120 (especially if you'er using AT$T) which annually equates to $2300 a year,need I say more.Then there is the data capping that takes place,if you go over a certain amount of gigabytes you'll pad more money onto your bill.Then depending on your cellphone plan you pay for text messaging plan that's limited to 2000 words for the month,go over that and you get more money padded to your bill.All of this adds up to a lame outrageous cellphone plan.










3: GPS For Carsrf-lg-2

The average GPS for your car will probably cost you $150,if you want a real good GPS like that of Garmin you'll wind up paying $300 (there are some reasonable priced Garmin's for the record).When buying cars today you can include it with GPS,but that's usually an expensive upgrade.Why get expensive GPS device for your car when you can mount your smartphone on the dashboard and use,I don't know,Google Maps?Just saying.







2: Apple ComputersMac-Pro1

Apple for the most part design some pretty impressive computers,in fact,their products overall are the best when it comes to their industrial design,but I think that's what we are all paying for,the sleek design.Is there a reason why we are all willing to pay $1499 for a 13-inch MacBook Pro (with Retina display I might add) when you can probably get a Windows laptop with the same hardware for half the price.Don't get me started with the Mac Pro desktop computers,what's the staring price? Oh a mere $2499,ouch.







1: Beat Pro Headphones


I know Beats headphone owners are going to be mad at me but here we go,the Beats Pro Headphones are probably the most overpriced,over hyped nonsense in tech,and most would agree with me.You are paying $400 for headphones that have a low rating from many audio-video experts and sadly for the expensive price tag that most are willing to pay for,you're not even getting great sound quality.This is another device or tech product where beauty takes place over substance,to put it bluntly,you're paying for the design not sound quality.So here's to you Beats Pro,you are number one for being the mot overpriced nonsense in tech.


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