What Tekspecz Know About The HTC One Smartphone

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The One,that's right,the HTC's One,which is a follow up to the 2012 version the One X.For many mobile geeks the One X was a great phone which garnished some positive reviews but wasn't a huge hit like its competitor,one being the Samsung Galaxy S III. So what did HTC do,come back at us again with a smartphone that comes fully loaded with a boat load of features.

The HTC One packs a high resolution 4.7-inch screen that comes at 1080p or has 468 pixels per inch which well over the Apple iPhone retina display.Under the hood,the HTC One has the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor which adds intense processing power to this smartphone. The quad-core processor runs at 1.7 GHz and includes a Adreno 30 GPU,paired with 2GB of RAM.Months back,websites like Anandtech tested the Adreno 320 GPU using the LG Optimus G for its performance and scored well,in fact better than the Galaxy S III .

Also under the hood,the HTC One includes a 802.11ac WiFi,a 4G LTE connection, and a 2300 mAh battery power.The power button on the smartphone can also act as IR blaster ( that's genius), there's two front facing speakers that's on the top and bottom of the display which is something different.On the camera front,the HTC One has a  2.1MP webcam that sits above the device.There is NFC connectivity (not present on the iPhone why?) that's onboard the smartphone.Surprisingly,there is no microSD for expandable storage.

The HTC One smartphone's physique is encased in a all aluminum body,the phone weighs 143 grams (which is slightly heavier than the Galaxy S III) and measures  9.3 mm thick.The One can shoot 1080p video,can shoot HDR photos,it has image stabilization for its photo taking.

The HTC Sense has been revamped to work with the One'd  Android Jellybean 4.12-based Sense 5.The HTC One will be carried by AT&T,Sprint and T-mobile and schedule to hit the market in March.If you'er a Verizon customer and is intrigue with the HTC One,you are out of luck.

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