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The Chromebook Pixel,Lets Talk About It

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A touchscreen Google laptop? Yes,there is a Google touchscreen laptop sighting and yes it do exist.Today,Google introduce the world to the Chromebook Pixel,and unlike Sony with the PS4, Google actually introduce a actual physical product.This Chromebook Pixel is a straight beast,it comes fully stocked with some pretty hardcore hardware and is Google's first high end Chromebook.The main feature on the Chromebook Pixel is its display which measures 12.85-inches with a 3"2 ratio and offers 18 percent more vertical space than 16.9 does.The screen pixel is also a beast,it sports a 2560 x 1,700 resolution,it gives a PPI 239 and offers super brightness at 400nit. Under the hood,the Chromebook features a dual-core Intel 1.GHz Core i5 processor,4GB of RAM and two SSD as a optioned 32GB or 64GB,for good measures Google throws in 1TB storage drive.


Google will offer two choices as far as connection is concern,for the 32GB version its WiFi only while the 64GB will come stocked with Verizon LTE that's baked right in,and a choice of plans.Oh but wait, there is more people,the Google Chromebook Pixel has a triple microphone configuration with one that sits directly underneath the keyboard which Goggle states will help improve noise cancellation.The camera features is HD capable ( no mention of measured megapixels). The Chromebook Pixel features a Macbook inspired chiclet style keyboard that of course illuminates just like the Macbook. As for the input/output ports,it has two USB ports(no mention if its 3.0 or 2.0 ports), a mini displayport, a mic/ headphone jack and a SD card reader,shockingly there is no Ethernet jack within the Chromebook pixel.Your wireless connection includes WiFi n standard, a Bluetooth connection and of course you already know about the LTE connection.

If you want to get your hands on a Chromebook Pixel,the WiFi model is now available on Google's Play Store for $1,299 for the LTE version it will cost you $1,499 and will be available in April.

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