Explanation Needed: Google Glass What Is It?

File-It-Under: Wearable devices  By:D.F.Skinner


This device has been talked about a lot lately in the media, and that device is Google Glass.Its been seen demoed on all the news shows such as CNN and CNBC,written about on various tech websites and guess what,Google hopes one day you,me, the consumers will actually buy this device.So what exactly is Google Glass? In whole,Google Glass is a head mounted display which is basically a wearable computer,it has the ability to display information in a smartphone like format,its hands free in which you can totally interact with the Internet using voice commands .That's right,a wearable computer with voice command capability, something straight out of a sci-fi flick,this is life imitating art at its finest,does Geordi La Forge from Star Trek The Next Generation come to mind,remember the device he was wearing that helped him not only visualize images,but was also a actual computer.


For the past couple of years,Google Glass was a research and development program dubbed Project Glass,there are many prototypes floating around worn by Project Glass developers (Google engineers),even Google's  founder Sergy Brin can be seen nowadays wearing and promoting Google Glass.

So what about the hardware and features,well,there is no real specifics in what type of  hardware is running in Google Glass in terms of processor and memory, but according to New York Times the device will run stock Android, of course will include a small display as seen in the above images ,it will have a motion sensors, GPS and either 3G or 4G data connections.The Google Glass is a standalone Android device with no embedded attached peripheral port,but it can connect to your smartphones WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0,like most devices and computers today,Google Glass will communicate directly with the cloud,there's also a front-facing camera present with flash.There is no information on measured megapixels but from my various readings on the device,Google Glasses camera will not be in a high multi-megapixel format.


So far Google Glass is still in Beta development,but Google is seriously looking to deliver it to market at the end of 2014.If you want to see how Google Glass actually work,take a look at the video on the bottom of this entry.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BTCoT8ajbI]