Google ChromeBook Pixel, Revisited and Corrected

File-It-Under: Written retraction By: D.F.Skinner!~



When I last left you with the Chromebook Pixel sadly I didn't go into full detail of the Google's own flagship laptop,I left out some important features that i failed to mention in my blog entry,for that I apologize,think of this entry as a written retraction because when I talk tech,I don't like to leave any stones un-turned,I want to get it right.

I mentioned that the Chromebook Pixel has two USB ports which it does,but I fail to mention that the Pixel has Two USB 2.0 ports,there is no USB 3.0 ports which is surprising considering the high price point for this laptop.The Chromebook Pixel is encased in a all anodized aluminum metallic uni-body that weighs 3 pounds,which mimics the MacBook Air. I did mention that the Pixel is running  a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5-3427U processor,but fail to mention that it has a Intel 4000 Graphic chip.There is 4 Gigs of RAM with 32 GB SSD (as a option you can go with the 64GB SSD with a LTE) which I mentioned,but once again I fail to go into full detail on the extra 1TB cloud storage that is being offered by Google. Now about that extra storage you'll be getting,Google is offering Pixel purchasers free 1TB of Google Drive storage which you know is Google's own cloud base storage that is free up to 5GB for subscribers of this cloud service,the free 1TB of cloud storage more than likely makes up for the expensive price point,also again I fail to mention that the Pixel has a 2-1 SD card reader slot ( how did that miss that).The touch screen display is made of the famed Gorilla Glass,this glass of course known to resist scratches and cracks,its damn right tough.It has a backlit chrome keyboard with a clickable,etched-glass touchpad (yet once again another feature I failed to mention).
Now about that price,most are kind of critical of $1299-$1499 specked out  laptop that functions only as a high end laptop web browser.But for those who have purchased Chromebook Pixel,the reviews have been rather positive.
So ask this question,would you pay $1299 or $1499 for a laptop that has limited function other than to browse the net? Drop a comment on the box below tell me what you think,or if you have already purchased the Chromebook Pixel what is your thoughts on the device.