Dear Subscribers: We Just Been Hacked Yours Truly,Evernote

File-It-Under: Breached services By: D.F.Skinner!~  




Facebook,Twitter,then there's the Ny Times and Wall street Journal,what do they all have in common? These are well known services that have been hacked,compromise,breached.Now you can add Evernote to the list of well known services that have been hacked,that's right,damn right breached. Evernote just put out an all points bulletin that all subscribers of this service should changed their password immediately.The well known note-storing service which is one of my favorite services revealed in their blog post that they were subject to attacks and that hackers have gained access to some user information that includes passwords and email accounts.There is no evidence though that stored notes have been compromise.

The passwords stolen were both hashed and salted,which means these are passwords that are suppose to be heavily encrypted,there is no explanation in the blog as to what type of algorithm was enforced to crack these encrypted passwords.In any event,if you're about to use Evernote,you'll be greeted with a formal request to change your password. Evernote at this moment is working on a software patch for all platforms.