The Seasonic Platinum Fanless 460 Power Supply

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When I read about the Seasonic power supply unit a  couple of months back,there where the first to introduce to the market the fanless power supply,fast forward to present day,Seasonic continues its efforts in improving their power supply units by recently upgrading their fanless 400-watts,460-watts,500-watts units from 80Plus Gold to 80Plus Platinum status.They have even a better performance and is backed by a 7-year warranty.Lets take a quick look at the 460 Watt Platinum Fanless power supply,its a modular unit that is certified 80Plus Platinum which is the highest standard in accordance to the 80Plus organization.Its new age innovation in regards to performance and saves up to 92% energy efficiency,it has a greater than 0.9 PF.

The main star of the show on this 460 watt power supply is its patented DC connector panel with integrated voltage regulation module,it has a onboard VRM ( acronym for Voltage Regulator Module).This enables almost a perfect DC to DC conversion which reduces current loss conversion with reduction of current loss.It has a full modular DC cabling which enables users full flexibility.The full modular design is Seasonic's Patented design that offers users an easy installation all the while the having minimize voltage drops.

What makes the Seasonic Platinum Fanless power supply a high grade unit is efficiency which is important especially when you have a unit with no fans.In this unit,the power is defined by the power output.